The Session Experience

Sparrow's Flight Photography is a boutique photography experience. my desire is to make sure you not only have an amazing session that leaves you with fun memories but also to provide you with heirloom quality prints and products that will last a lifetime.  I will guide you and your family, from booking the session, what to wear, what to expect, all the way through your reveal night and the delivery of your finished prints and products.


I am a lifestyle photographer. Basically that means, you interact, and I snap away! I do guide you, give you suggestions, and rearrange, but mainly these sessions are meant to create organic smiles and laughter. In every session we do get at least one photo of everyone looking at the camera.

As the photographer I come with a plan but I also come with the desire that the session be building a good memory. That is why I love lifestyle photography, it’s a time that you set aside the dishes and the laundry and the meal prep, and instead you get to focus on loving your sweet baby and all the other members of the family.        

Sessions typically last an hour long.


When doing Newborn Sessions, I come to your home. I know that inviting a stranger into your home to photograph you feels not only intimidating and intrusive, but somewhat of a risk. As a mom of 5 kids, I know what it feels like to live in the midst of chaos and mess! No judgment here. As a foster mom I am required to have all my FBI and child abuse clearances up to date. As a nurse I have been trained to communicate with and care for people. As a Christian I have experienced God's grace and it changed me. All these things affect the way I approach my photography business. I don't want to just be a stranger with a camera coming into your home. I desire to enter into the chaos of postpartum hormones, sleepless nights, and messy homes. I desire to connect with you, to come into your world and speak words of life over you. To (literally) push away the clutter and spend some time guiding you as you love on that sweet new baby of yours. I won't be a stranger, but rather a source of care.

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