Lancaster, Pa. Little People session

When a baby is born, they naturally become the center of attention. They need to because they are completely reliant on their caregiver to meet their every need. But during this time of adjustment to baby, siblings are not to be overlooked. They are such an important part of baby's life. They sing to baby, hold baby, talk to baby and embrace the change that baby brings. At times siblings will also throw some new and not so lovely behaviors into the mix, because after all, negative attention is STILL attention! After baby is born it can be hard to carve out time for those other kiddos in the home. But reading books while baby is feeding or having a sibling "help" with baby, is a great way to build a bond and also give that attention to the older child as well. Going into homes to do newborn session is something I love! But I also love to capture the other kids of the home as well. At this session the kids were so fun and always ready to smile at the camera. They seemed so at ease with their newest family member and had nothing but pure love for her.