Lancaster, Pa. Lifestyle Newborn Photographer : Callie

Going into this home it was clear that Callie is a delight to her family. Her brother and sister were more then willing to give her kisses and snuggles, as well as giving smiles to the camera! As always, I love watching the dads interact with their baby, this session was no exception. The impromptu kisses to her head and dad's strong hands, ever so gently cradling her.  And that special mommy and baby bond, already at only 2 weeks old, it is established due to the previous 9 months in utero. The look of content on Callie's sleeping face as she snuggled down into her mommy's hold. Sweet baby Callie. You are the third baby but that does not mean you are overlooked or just another child. Your life is celebrated and rejoiced over!