My Story.

Sparrow's Flight Photography: The story behind the name.

one day i was questioning God, and wondering if He really cares about my life and my little problems like should I start a photography business.  there are so many hurting people who need His love and attention, is it note worthy to talk to God about starting a buisness? In the grand scheme of things, me and my questions, seemed small and unimportant.  then I was reminded that, those thoughts, they are not His thoughts towards me. He cares about me and desires to hear from me. He is recorded in Matthew 10:29-31 to have said this, "Not one sparrow (What do they cost? Two for a penny?) can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t worry! You are more valuable to him than many sparrows."

in that moment the thought came to me, even though I might FEEL like a Sparrow, I KNOW that God says He sees the sparrows and He sees me. but even more than that, He says I am so much more precious to Him than a Sparrow. It gave me the courage and heart to take flight into the realms of the unknown. To chase the dream of a photography business. I can take risks, because even if i fail, I know that God cares for me.  I am constantly reminded by my name, "Sparrow's Flight", that God cares, not only about the big, but also about the little things.

A little more about Me....

I love to photographs babies being loved on by their parents. As i asked myself why, it goes into my story. my husband and i were blessed with 2 healthy pregnancies, and then a miscarriage, and then a diagnosed with infertility. It was a long journey for me as a mommy to come to grips with. but God used the pain of that journey to led us to a new one, the world of foster care! it started as way of filling my aching empty arms but by god's grace it grew into so much more! We not only get to love on the babies that come into our home but also their parents. and we love that we get to build relationship with them too. These are stories of hope despite the sorrow.

but being foster parents has opened our eyes to so many sad situations. Babies are being born into the world without homes, right here in Lancaster pa. their moms are homeless, addicted to the demon of heroine which is so easy to get access to but next to impossible to quit. Babies grow up and don't know who their dads are, can you imagine growing up and not know that? babies are being left in their cribs or car seats screaming until they learn it does no good to cry because no one will come. their mom and dad are addicted to drugs and drugs takes priority. not because the parents WANT it to, but because addiction wreaks you. Sadly there are so many babies whose parents are not present to snuggle them, to come when they cry, feed them, to sing to them, and calm them.

My story of infertility has deepened my regret of not having professional photos of me loving on the 2 babies God gave us. knowing and hearing first hand about babies being neglected and taught that humans are not safe, it breaks my heart.  this is why i have a passion for the lifestyle baby sessions. to capture those organic smiles, unposed snuggles, the look of love on mom and dad's faces.

Inviting a stranger into your home to photograph you feels not only intimidating and intrusive, but somewhat of a risk. As a homeschooling mom of 5 kids, I know what it feels like to live in the midst of chaos and mess! No judgement here. As a foster mom I am required to have all my FBI and child abuse clearances up to date. As a nurse I have been trained to communicate with and care for people. As a Christian I have experienced God's grace and it changed me. All these things affect the way I approach my photography business. I don't want to just be a stranger with a camera coming into your home. I desire to enter into the chaos of postpartum hormones, sleepless nights, and messy homes. I desire to connect with you, to come into your world and speak words of life over you. To (literally) push away the clutter and spend some time guiding you as you love on that sweet new baby of yours. I won't be a stranger, but rather a source of care.

I'm certainly not the perfect parent, i fail daily. But I am forever thankful to say that, by his grace, i am a daughter of God. He is the one who gives me life. I'm married to an amazing man and have been blessed to be a stay at home mom to our kiddos. Because i'm a foster mom, If you'd ask how many children we have, the answer might change from one month to the next!

I love being a wife and mom! Its my first priority and calling, but photography is my passion! Being a stay at home mom allows me the flexibility to embrace this photography business wholeheartedly as i can do it on my own timeline.

the sweet family God has blessed me with.

the sweet family God has blessed me with.

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